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     Steven Universe Week?

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    Steven Universe Week? Empty
    PostSubject: Steven Universe Week?   Steven Universe Week? EmptyMon 29 Feb 2016, 21:07

    so anyway, i was looking around online and I found out that this one gay blog, Unicorn Booty, made a bunch of Steven Universe related posts over a week? I guess they had a couple of other Steven Universe articles before, but now they have a bunch. Some of them are really funny? And some of them are just normal articles. Anyway, here's all their Steven stuff!

    and here's some of the individual articles?  - about Rebecca's pre-SU stuff - those cool japanese-inspired promo images by Hilary Florido - creepy things in SU - Attack the Light RPG review - thing on Keep Beach City Weird - best songs - fanarts - best episodes
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    Steven Universe Week?
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