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     Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers]

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    Rose Quartz

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    Rose Quartz
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    Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] Empty
    PostSubject: Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers]   Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] EmptyThu 18 Jun 2015, 12:00

    This StevenBomb is giving us a lot to think about in terms of fusion. Keeping it Together left us all truamatised with the concept of forced fusion without consent which became a stepping stone to learning how Garnet views and treats fusion.

    Some are equating fusion to sex (I mean in Greg was saying he didn't think he'd be talking about it so soon with Steven, sort of like the sex talk) and the forced fusion of Homeworld equated to rape. I can see where these thoughts come from. However, I view fusion as a sort of "better than sex". It's obviously a profound bond, as mentioned by Garnet and Pearl; hence why Greg wanted to fuse with Rose. Hence why Garnet was so distraught, so disgusted with Homeworld's forced fusion. Garnet felt so horrified and violated, she felt she couldn't even be fused.

    We also have fusions like Opal and Sugilite. These bonds aren't quite so profound - Pearl and Amethyst aren't exactly super close friends, ditto Garnet and Amethyst. All three are friends, but are they friends on that profound level?

    Fusion being a 'cheap trick' obviously isn't true. There's so much more to fusion than gaining power. It obviously embodies relationships and the stronger the relationship, the stronger the bond, the better the fusion is. The more whole the fusion is.

    I don't know, I think this is turning into more of a ramble, lol.


    Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] UrmOfKK
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    Bubble Gem

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    Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers]   Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] EmptyThu 18 Jun 2015, 14:45

    I have to agree with the whole idea of fusion being "better than sex". It's something very intimate, but not on a sexual level.

    Also, I think that permanent fusions like Garnet are a form of marriage for the Gems, or once was. When two Gems have such a strong bond that they're almost perfect together, that's when they decide to permanently fuse.


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    Roleplay Diamond

    Roleplay Diamond

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    Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers]   Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] EmptyWed 08 Jul 2015, 21:36

    honestly, i think fusion is probably a thing that spans across more than one type of relationship. in 'we need to talk', garnet mentions that fusion is about needing someone to trust with 'that light', which in gem terms basically calling for the to have someone they can trust with everything that makes who they are. if we translate that to steven, to a less romantic and sexual idea and to one of just deep relationship connections, like the budding between him and connie (which my or may not turn out to be more than friends), it can be seen as a deep trust.

    i think that fusion is ultimately, like garnet said, about trust. it does need to be consensual, and it does need to be between partners who are both in the right place to be fusing (like when amethyst and pearl couldn't fuse to be opal because they were argumentative and not in a good place in their relationship), but if both gems aren't on the same page of trust, it won't work out.

    you also have to think about how, in a war, it's a tactical advantage. i mean, what's not advantageous in a war about a super-powerful gem with heightened abilities and, in most cases, a larger body?

    there's so much more to be said and speculated about fusion and its uses; let's talk, guys!
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    Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers]   Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers] Empty

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    Gem Fusion [StevenBomb Spoilers]
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