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    PostSubject: PinkSapphire's Writings   Thu 18 Jun 2015, 06:29

    Hello everyone. I'm an aspiring writer and have written fan fics since 2005. I have an account on Fanfiction(dot)net, and my user name is Julia Lucrezia Hanazono.

    I have some stories I'm working on.

    Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
    Series/Fandom: Digimon
    This is my longest work yet. As of now, the first "season" is complete, and there's still a lot of plot threads that need resolution, so I'm writing a "sequel" later on to address them. Just not now, as school's taking up a lot of my time. I've been wanting to write a Digimon series since I was little, but now that I look back on it, it admittedly has a lot of problems. I really need to get back to it. Maybe Digimon Adventure Tri will help me get my inspiration back.

    Sylvia The Sylveon
    Series/Fandom: Pokemon
    Now I really loved working on this one. A Pokemon fan fic based on the Pokemon Sylveon. It's one of the first I've completed in a long time, it's been unanimously well received, I really enjoyed writing it, and I'm normally humble about this stuff, but I consider it to be my best work. I also wrote some other Pokemon one shot fics, like King AZ and the Floette of 3000 Years and Takao The Skitty in case anyone's interested in those. I wrote this in February 2013, when they announced the newest Eevee evolution. The idea struck me by the head and before I knew it, I churned this out. I'm really proud of this one, and it's gotten the most praise, surprisingly. I made some errors (like Sylveon's means of evolution, but this was before it was officially revealed in October 2013) but most of my reviewers don't seem to mind. As of now, it's complete.  

    Twilight Pretty Cure
    Series/Fandom: Pretty Cure
    I started this last April and I was originally proud of it until I got serious hate and backlash regarding how I treat my characters and serious issues. Most of it was from Tumblr, and the fandom didn't appreciate the fact that I wanted to talk about serious issues like suicide, bullying, etc. but never offered any suggestions or wanted to help me improve it. And when I wanted to write about (non-explicit!!!) sexual assault, they completely flipped out and people I admired called me a horrible bad person who doesn't care because I tried to stand up for myself and because I didn't put a trigger warning on it (I had no idea what a trigger warning was). It's a shame, because I liked writing this. I still have chapters that need revision, and I still like writing it, but the unreasonable fandom deems it to be ableist trash with internalized misogyny in it and treat it as an eternal albatross around my neck...and I hate them for doing that. And even when I explained things to them, they still treated it and me like I was Satan. Uuuuuugh.

    The Lunar Tales of Sailor Luna
    Series/Fandom: Sailor Moon
    I started this recently, and I'm really enjoying working on it so far. I even managed to find a reasonable critic who's helping me find its flaws and improve on them. I found a concept image of Sailor Luna, and I thought the concept was just too cute to not be written about, so ideas popped up in my head and thus, the fan fic was born! There's seven chapters out so far out of a planned 42, and it's a MASSIVE AU with many divergences from canon. I hope this fan fic gets better reception, as I'm writing it to recover from the abuse Tumblr put me through and to enjoy writing again.

    So...yeah, I'm not the best writer ever, but feel free to check out my work if you want.
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    PinkSapphire's Writings
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