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    PostSubject: Topaz   Topaz EmptyWed 17 Jun 2015, 23:33

    I don't have any images yet, since I haven't gotten around to drawing her design out, but I can put a description up at least. ^^ Comments and ideas are welcome!

    Name: Imperial Topaz
    Age: Unknown at the moment, but younger than the war on Earth. Created sometime immediately after the Homeworld Gems left Earth after losing to Rose's Crystal Gems.

    Gem Info: Topaz is produced on Homeworld in different varieties for different jobs, but the Imperial variety is rarer, born for a specific purpose. Similar to how Pearls are (spectulated) to be a servant class, Imperials are akin to a lord's loyal knights. Highly ranked gems often have one assigned to them, to serve as a personal guard for something important to them. During and after the war, small squadrons were used to guard information, secret bases, and other valuable assets.

    Imperials are highly disciplined by nature, and despite their existence being for battle, they are very controlled in their actions. Emotions are rare displays among them beyond passion for their duty. Comparing to Earth concepts, Imperials are very much like Samurai in the way they act. Honor is important, and there is no greater honor than fighting for a cause they fully believe in. And so they are carefully taught to stay loyal to the Diamond Authority, which keeps them well in line. Some say that an Imperial Topaz is immune to greed, envy, and any emotional weaknesses that could compromise their goals. They cannot be bribed or swayed with simple rewards. Their entire mindset must be changed or they will stay steadfast to their job.

    Imperials are usually an orange or golden yellow color, and are tall and broad chested/shouldered with thick arms and legs. Their weapons tend to be ones used by Samurai, and are very durable in battle. Their skin and topaz armor naturally spreads out the impact of hits, weakening the force behind it, though piercing attacks like spears and lasers can get around this. Beyond that, their appearances can vary with the individual gem.

    Specific Gem info: My personal Imperial Topaz (referred to by her Homeworld peers and master as Captain) is in service to Yellow Diamond, having been born and raised for her cause. She commands a large squadron of other Imperial Topaz gems, as a way to keep her mind preoccupied from possible rebellion.

    She eventually does venture to Earth with a small platoon of Topaz soldiers, and after witnessing the Crystal Gems firsthand, she decides to find a new cause. She is no longer of Homeworld, but she does not pledge allegiance to the Crystal Gems either, content with staying out of conflict entirely to contemplate her place. She was given the new name of Taisa by Steven, after the old Samurai rank. 

    Personality: Taisa is very much a warrior and a philosopher at the same time, both formidable with her two handed spiked club and a stickler to her moral code that she constantly adjusts and adds to as she experiences things. She will not strike an opponent that has not attacked first, and refuses to even threaten someone she does not consider dangerous. And even in combat, she fights in a straightforward manner, though she is skilled enough to win with technique and raw power built from her natural durability. This gives her a sort of charisma among other warrior gems, and instills confidence in them.

    Outside of battle, Taisa often talks in a manner that places others above herself in respect and rank, humbling herself in the process. This is a remnant of her time serving Yellow Diamond, though she now extends that habit to everyone else. She also tends to speak using formal and polite language, avoiding many contractions and slang. Her personality can come off as cold, quiet, and introspective at first, though she does possess emotions that can come out with enough prodding. She enjoys the different philosophies found on Earth and likes to have harmless practice battles to sharpen her mind and body.

    Appearance and skills: Her body is orange with shades of yellow and gold. Her clothing of choice is a suit of armor, designed like a Samurai's. Her helmet and facemask can be summoned like her weapon can. Her orange Imperial Topaz gem is situated on her left hip, where a weapon sheathe would be. She "draws" her club by reaching there, like drawing a sword. Her special ability is called Truth-Seeking. It lets her sense when a person is hiding things, either information about something else or personal things. This helps her interrogate or to pick out an opponent's weaknesses in a fight, but it can also help others better themselves by pointing out their flaws and strengths.
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