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 Hessonite! (My oc)

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Hessonite! (My oc) Empty
PostSubject: Hessonite! (My oc)   Hessonite! (My oc) EmptyWed 17 Jun 2015, 23:07

I'll have to post pictures later but i need help on her back story and stuff.
Basically her appearance is (until i make something i can post for visual representation):
My avatar but with beige angel wings and a orange-ish brown gem on her forehead (since hessonites are linked with creativity).
her skins a bit more tan than my avatar
She's taller than amethyst and shorter than pearl by the same distance
Her weapon: double sided glowing sabors, basically short double sided lightsabors (she usually summons one for each hand)
Her back story so far (subject to change):
She was the first gem created in the earth kindergarten
She has never visited homeworld.

Keeps to herself
Quiet at first glance but really talkative if you get her into a topic she's passionate about
Her head is always in the clouds (most the time figuratively)
level headed
easy going
Is insecure, but plays it off as not caring similar to amethyst
passive aggressive
sarcastic (often used for humor)

She can use her wings to launch Air attacks
She has a lean build and can easily navigate through a battle
She's really good at shape shifting (if the creature she's shifting into has wings)

Can't dance/Has trouble fusing with others (she just has no rhythm and her wings get in the way)
She has poor aim (so hopefully the enemy is in decent distant when she's attacking from the air)
Her insecurity can cloud her judgment.
Can be self loathing at times
Can be cocky/prideful at times
Hesitates if she has to attack something (better on defense)
tend to be clumsy

Special powers:
Flight (due to wings)
(possibly) healing powers? her wings feathers would serve as a healing band-aid thing if i go this route. Probably could only heal minor cracks (very shallow ones) and bruising on humans.

Other information:
She tends to get along with humans (after meeting them) better than gems.
She secretly wishes she could be human.
Tends to work really well with children. (She likes carrying them around)
She loves to draw and create things
Her wings feathers aren't made out of standardized feather materiel but rather they seem to be made out of thin crystals that form in feather like formation branching off each other.
She can't get rid of the wings no matter how many times she regenerates (she's only regenerated about 4-6 times)
However she can temporary shape-shift the wings away though it does take more energy to keep that form up so she tends to just ignore her wings

I might add more later.
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Hessonite! (My oc)
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