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 My Morganite <3

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My Morganite <3 Empty
PostSubject: My Morganite <3   My Morganite <3 EmptySat 13 Jun 2015, 19:20

Morganite is kind of near and dear to my heart since I discovered it. I have no drawing of her, but I know she would be my personal gemsona.

Name: Morganite
Gem location: left side of chest, over the area where the heart is.
Weapon: Hand crossbows (like little crossbow guns)
Abilities: Morganite is blind but she can see inside the hearts of others and see whether or not they're good or bad, in pain, happy, etc. She can also see and feel the pathways of chakra inside someone and can see if somewhere is blocked. She can only help mend emotional and spiritual pain - not physical. She also cannot completely heal the emotional or spiritual pain, just make the pain less intense.
Personality: Morganite can be described as the embodiment of heart and emotions, meaning she is very passionate and rather extreme with her emotions. However, most of the time she is very gentle and calm. When needed, she can definitely kick ass. It is unknown if she is royalty but she is known for saying the right things in the right way, bringing about senses of peace, hope, assurance, and promise. She is able to soothe anxiety and fears. Like Rose Quartz, she encourages love of all things, including the self. Because she is the embodiment of emotions and passion, Morganite can have quite the temper when provoked; quite the kick. She also can be very stubborn in her ways. Once she makes up her mind and has seen into your heart, she's pretty hard to sway (because she can always see your heart).

She is a Kindergarten Gem and was exposed to Rose Quartz before she could be molded into a Gem of Homeworld's desire. Though she's never been to Homeworld, she does hope to one day be able to claim Homeworld from the unloving, brutal Gems that currently dominate.

Morganite is also a bit neurotic due to being a Kindergarten Gem and having been exposed to Rose Quartz. She is also known as the Kaleidoscope Gem.
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My Morganite <3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Morganite <3   My Morganite <3 EmptyWed 17 Jun 2015, 22:58

whats her appearance like?
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My Morganite <3
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