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     The General Banter Area

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    Rose Quartz

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    PostSubject: The General Banter Area   Fri 12 Jun 2015, 21:26

    This area is for general banter. This means that this area is for any other conversation that does not fit in any other section of the forum. It is the off-the-topic-of-Steven-Universe area. You can discuss anime and manga, video games, tv shows and movies in their respective areas. The general banter board as a whole is for anything and everything else.

    Such topics can include like a random thoughts thread, a vent thread, threads to talk about how your day went, national x day (like donut day and best friend day that just happened), etc. etc. It's really up to you. Just as long as they follow forum rules, you can post about anything in this area.

    If you have any issues with anyone and you feel you cannot utilise the area comfortably, please PM me and I will help you resolve the issue.

    - Pink Space Mom
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    The General Banter Area
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