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     What happened to the Gems to make the Monsters?

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    Rose Quartz

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    PostSubject: What happened to the Gems to make the Monsters?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 18:01

    In the show, we know that the monsters that the Crystal Gems encounter and battle are corrupted Gems. They used to be regular Gems. What, exactly, do you think happened to these Gems to make them monsters? Do you think there's a way to reverse the process? Does bubbling them help these Gems in any way? Why are these Gems bubbled?

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    PostSubject: Re: What happened to the Gems to make the Monsters?   Thu 11 Jun 2015, 22:49

    I think they're corrupted or damaged gems from the fight for Earth, and the Gems are rounding them up because they feel responsible. I also have a theory that bubbling the corrupted gems is like a sort of coma for them, that way they can rest peacefully. Cause when you look at screenshots of the bubble room, there are a crap ton of bubbled gems in there. Its probably taken the gems a while to get all those, which means the other already bubbled gems are probably "sleeping" or something so that they don't escape and continue to wreck havoc.
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    PostSubject: Re: What happened to the Gems to make the Monsters?   Fri 12 Jun 2015, 07:47

    I think they're bubbled to stop them from regenerating and wrecking the place. As for how they got the way they are, there are two possibilities based on everything I've seen so far:

    Possibility 1: It's similar to how magical girls become witches in PMMM, with it involving a lot of despair and negative emotion. If it works this way, then a corrupted gem could be restored through words of comfort and maybe happy experiences while in corrupted form.

    Possibility 2: Gems are artificial beings and the gemstone functions as an entire sentient computer with a hard drive and CPU and operating system. Either the operating system or data for the gem's first form literally becomes corrupted, causing it to fall back on a backup system that takes things about the gem's personality and experiences to build her "corrupted" form. If this is how it works, then restoring a corrupted gem would require either reinstalling the operating system or removing the form data that's become corrupted. I believe that if this possibility is what's really going on, Centipeetle is suffering from the clothing data of the first form she ever took being corrupted.

    Each of these possibilities mean different things for the future of the show. If possibility 1 is canon, then Lapis Lazuli is most likely to become a corrupted gem. If possibility 2 is canon, then Amethyst is most likely to become a corrupted gem. It is also possible that neither one of these is the case, and we will just have to wait to find out what the deal really is.

    Either way, there is a gem who I'm almost certain will become corrupted at some point, but I won't tell you all who because I'd rather spare you guys from my most devastating predictions.
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    PostSubject: Re: What happened to the Gems to make the Monsters?   

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    What happened to the Gems to make the Monsters?
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